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Cholesterol is a crucial component present in your blood stream that is required by the body to generate new cells as well as maintain the general well-being. However, the challenge with cholesterol is that it has to be within the prescribed range. A higher or lower value tends to invite adverse consequences for your health. High cholesterol is a condition that develops due to excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol is piled up in the

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Cancer is the most dreaded disease in the world that we all are scared of. No matter who has this, be it someone close to us or someone who is a distant friend or relative it automatically creates ripples in our body when we hear the word. Yet, when detected and treated in the early stages, Cancer is actually curable. But in the later stages, treatment becomes difficult and limited, and the person suffering from it has to face a painful and

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Irrespective of what you think, the world will judge you on the basis of your appearance. From the way you dress, to the way you look, walk and talk, everything has an impact on your impression. Skin diseases can wreck havoc with your personality because your main focus would be to cover up the condition and if it is something like acne vulgaris, it can be even more difficult. Acne Vulgaris is an extremely common condition around the world.

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Summary: One in every three people today suffers from digestive disorders and a healthy digestive system is extremely important for each organ of your body to function properly. Digestion is a daily process by which the body converts food into fuel and if the digestive system is weak it is clear sign to a weak immune system and irregular bodily functions. A healthy diet with the inclusion of certain herbal supplements can really keep the digestive

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Summary: Amongst the various forms of Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are two common forms of arthritis which is quite relevant in people who are into their middle age or old age. The reason for developing arthritis or joint pain maybe due to various factors such as lack of lubrication in the joints due to wear and tear or weaker bone density and also inflammation of synovial membrane. There are some OVC medications

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Summary: Hemorrhoids or piles are a very common condition which affects many people irrespective of age or sex. This painful condition is actually formed due to swollen veins of the anal canal. Due to this condition your daily bodily functions like passing stools and sitting down becomes a nightmare for many as it sometimes starts bleeding profusely. Apart from the painful procedure of surgery, many ayurvedic medicines are available today which can

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Summary: Digestion is a complex process involving the breakdown of food particles into smaller components so that it is easily absorbed into the blood stream. If the digestive system is not strong enough the food that we consume may lay undigested in our gut and may cause toxin build up which maybe hazardous for our digestive tract and may affect many of our bodily functions. Many people are aware of simple herbal remedies

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Summary: Each one of us is aware of the effects of Ayurveda. This ancient form of treatment which has originated from India is more than 5000 years old. The principle of ayurveda is to remove the root cause of the disease and curing it permanently. Let us have a look into how effective are ayurvedic medicines for lowering cholesterol.

Are Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol the real deal?