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Having a flawless skin has its own perks as it can boost your self confidence and give you a charming personality in your professional as well as personal lives. But not everyone is blessed with good looking skin as it takes meticulous diet planning, disciplined lifestyle and also a pure blood stream. Most of us today follow an unhealthy diet which leaves our bodies deprived of all the basic necessary nutrients. Indulgence in bad vices such as smoking and alcohol consumption takes a toll

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A healthy body has myriad benefits such as stronger immunity, increased energy levels and elevated vigor and vitality. However maintaining good health needs a lot of discipline, dedication and healthy eating habits. Due to the hectic lifestyle most of us lead today our dietary habits go for a toss and we often end up eating processed and nutrient deficient food which affects the functioning of our bodies in the long run. Ayurveda is an ancient science form which

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The heart is the most important organ of the human anatomy which works 24 hours a day. Hence keeping the heart healthy and in prime condition is utmost important. However due to today’s imbalanced lifestyle which includes an unhealthy diet, inactiveness and negative vices such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption a majority of people suffer from heart ailments such as high LDL levels and atherosclerosis. The basic and most simple way of keeping your heart in good

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Having a sharp memory is always a boost for us as we can be prompt with many important aspects and tasks which occur in daily lives. A short memory can always cause a lot of unwanted issues and many times it can affect our personal as well as professional lives to a great extent. Every person irrespective of age or gender wishes to have a long lasting memory as it can really help them lead their lives in a more planned way rather than

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Diseases are a regular part of our lives and many of us battle with various kinds of diseases at different phases of life. A fit and healthy lifestyle can help in staying away from a majority of issues but not all of us find the time and resources for a healthy lifestyle. In today’s tedious schedule we often neglect fresh food sources and opt for unhealthy and processed form of foods also known as fast food. These foods along with an inactive lifestyle takes a

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Heart ailments are a common health condition which affects millions over the globe annually. A large number of people die from cardiac arrests each year and taking a strong step against prevention of such conditions should be our most mandatory agenda. An unhealthy lifestyle comprising of bad food habits, inactive lifestyle and certain bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption lead to elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels which contribute to

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Its a known fact that an increased amount of blood cholesterol can result in hardening of the arteries and can result in a variety of heart related diseases but contrary to our past beliefs recent studies have revealed that Blood Cholesterol actually helps digestion of food and is also responsible for making hormones in a human body. So is blood cholesterol good or bad for a human body? To answer this question we first need to understand some

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Cholesterol is a crucial component present in your blood stream that is required by the body to generate new cells as well as maintain the general well-being. However, the challenge with cholesterol is that it has to be within the prescribed range. A higher or lower value tends to invite adverse consequences for your health. High cholesterol is a condition that develops due to excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol is piled up in the

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Cancer is the most dreaded disease in the world that we all are scared of. No matter who has this, be it someone close to us or someone who is a distant friend or relative it automatically creates ripples in our body when we hear the word. Yet, when detected and treated in the early stages, Cancer is actually curable. But in the later stages, treatment becomes difficult and limited, and the person suffering from it has to face a painful and

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Irrespective of what you think, the world will judge you on the basis of your appearance. From the way you dress, to the way you look, walk and talk, everything has an impact on your impression. Skin diseases can wreck havoc with your personality because your main focus would be to cover up the condition and if it is something like acne vulgaris, it can be even more difficult. Acne Vulgaris is an extremely common condition around the world.