Advance Body Mass

Ayurleaf Herbals ADVANCE BODY MASS (Cow colostrum) Herbal Supplement for WEIGHT GAIN CARE

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Benefits & Features: 
  1. It is a successful weight gaining capsules.
  2. Ideal for young males who want to increase their body weight.
  3. Increases protein intake, appetite in men that nourishes their energy levels and gives the required fitness to the body.
  4. It strengthens and tones all muscle tissues including the heart and lungs.
  5. Aiding in wound care.
  6. Boosting the immune system.
  7. Beneficial in impeding the effects of ageing.

BODY MASS  with COW-COLOSTRUM - 99% pure Colostrum has great benefits for athletes.Almost on a daily basis athletes destroy their bodies so that they can be pushed harder and do the same all over again the next day. This puts significant strain on the body’s functions and temporarily on the immune system. Blood flow to these areas usually isn’t a problem with athletes so its a matter of getting proper nutrition. Colostrum can basically be classified as a super food. Amino acids, anti-oxidants, variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals are all contained in colostrum. Another key factor is the IGF-1 and IGF-2 insulin-like growth factors that encourage growth of muscle fibers and other tissues.

Cow colostrum also has important immune properties like antibodies, immunoglobulins and enzymes. When the immune system is temporarily stressed due to extended physical activity, being able to recover quickly can help increase performance, strength and stamina. (This was seen with the Australian Olympic Team in 2000).


2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician.

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