Vrikshamla (Garcinia)

Ayurleaf  Herbals Garcinia (Vrikshamla) - WEIGHT LOSS HERBAL SUPPLEMENT

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Benefits & Features: 
  1. It speed up metabolism and help to work in weight-lss diets.
  2. Help increase energy levels.
  3. Help with everything from rheumatism to bowel complaints, swelling, flu symptoms and colic.
  4. Relieve colds, sore throats and liver disorders.
  5. Help with gastric ulcers.
  6. Reduce stomach acidity in addition to upping the defensive properties on gastric juices. 

Known as Garcinia, Vrikshamla belongs to the Clusiaceaefamily. A berry, Vrikshamla is full of nutrients and minerals which is of major benefits to the human body. Vrikshamla’s fruit is used for preparing cooling syrups during the summers and hence it acts as a coolant for the body. The ayurvedic herb is also used extensively in weight loss medicines.

Vrikshamla lowers the conversion and accumulation of fat in the body and hence helps in losing weight.

The small tree of Vrikshamlais found cultivated throughout the Western Ghats both grown locally and in the wild.

Vrikshamla is said to pacify the vitiated vata and kapha and helps lower the indications of obesity, hypercholestremia, and diarrhea, colic in small babies, ulcers and inflammations.


2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician. 

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